The Battle of Monte Cassino

The battle of monte cassino

In the spring of 1944 the Allies fought the bloodiest battle on the Western Front.  The location were the rugged mountains of central Italy, half-way between Rome and Naples along a river valley that ran from the town of Cassino west into the sea.  It was there that the Germans established a powerful defensive line - the Gustav Line - that was supposed to block the Allies from advancing into Rome.  The mountains there are steep and rugged which made them perfect for defensive operations and a nightmare for offensive ops.  There well entrenched German troops had all the advantages the defender could ask for and in order to make the defense that much stronger their key position, the town of Cassino and the overlooking monastery on Monte Cassino were garrisoned with tough paratroopers.  The defences were so strong that one after another Allied attacks were stopped cold with the attacking forces suffering enormous casualties - so large that unit after unit had to be replaced until soldiers from almost every Allied nation took part in the assault. 

The Documentary

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08/08/2009 21:56

Website launched

My new website has been launched today.  In it I would like to tell the story about the battle of Monte Cassino - the bloodiest battle of the 2nd World War.  I have visited Monte Cassino twice - first as a tourist and then while working on a documentary about the battle...

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