The Battle of Monte Cassino

The Indians

The Indian forces committed to the battle were two divisions that part of different Commonwealth corps.  During the 2nd Battle of Monte Cassino, the 4th Indian Infantry Division (Maj Gen Francis I.S. Tuker fought in the mountains that towered over Cassino aiming for Monte Cassino.  The Indians made some progress in the heavy fighting and the Gurkhas that were part of the Division fought their way well up the steep slopes of Monte Cassino itself.  But even the famous Gurkhas could not storm all the way up to the monastery in the face of the stiff resistance the German paratroopers put up and once the fighting in the town below died down they had to pull off the slopes to the safety of friendly lines. 
During the 3rd Battle of Monte Cassino, the 8th Indian Infantry Division took part in the British XIII Corps crossing of the Gari river south of Cassino.  In tough fighting the multinational Division (composed of British, Indian and Canadian units) established a bridgehead and expanded it creating both a threat to the flank of the German positions in Cassino and enabling the deployment of armour to pursue an attack un the Liri Valley towards Rome. 

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