The Battle of Monte Cassino

The Documentary

The documentary about the Battle of Monte Cassino was filmed by Capital j. Films in the summer of 2007 with the project completed in early 2008 with the title Monte Cassino: The Road to Rome.  Filmed in Italy, Canada and the United States, it features footage from the battlefield and interviews with the men that fought there.  Given the feedback from the previous Capital j. Films documentary Against The Odds (the story of the resistance in Nazi concentration camps), Monte Cassino placed more focus on the personal stories of the veterans than on the dry narration of the events.  Of course, at the same time the description of the battle is clear enough to give the viewer a clear idea as to what happened on the bloody slopes of those rugged Italian mountains. 

While filming in Italy, the crew received extensive help from Italian historians from the Monte Cassino region whose help was instrumental in getting to all the little places hidden in the mountains where the drama played out.

You can buy the DVD from Capital j. Films or Amazon, or watch it instantly at Amazon's Video on Demand.

Photo Gallery: The Documentary

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